The latest Auto Chess patch adds three new pieces and anti-cheat measures

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  It's a great start of the week for fans of the Dota 2 mod Auto Chess. A patch just went live introducing three new heroes to the roster, tweaking a couple of heroes, and implementing measures to combat the game's recent influx of cheaters.

  The addition of three new chess pieces is a pleasant surprise, given that Drodo Studio's recent tweet indicated that only one new hero would find its way to the game. However, players can now enjoy the likes of Mirana (a 3-cost Elf Hunter), Death Prophet (a 5-cost Undead Warlock) and Riki (a 3-cost Satyr Assassin). Especially Riki should get the adrenaline running, since it introduces a whole new race to Auto Chess, and with it a new type of synergy buff: Concealment. Once this race's requirement is met, other players cannot view which pieces you have sitting on the bench.

  Trying to fight back against the increasing number of cheaters in Auto Chess, the developers have implemented gold-tracking statistics, as well as a report button. This helps other players determine whether or not one of their competitors is cheating and, if so, make sure the developers can take action against those violating the rules.

  - New chess pieces added: Riki (3 cost, Satyr Assassin), Mirana (3 cost, Elf Hunter), Death Prophet (5 cost, Undead Warlock)

  - New and reworked species / class combos: Satyr: Concealment, (9) Elf: Evasion, (9) Assassin: Coup de Grace.

  - Reworked Slark: Replaced Shadow Dance with Pounce. Reduced cost from 3 to 2.

  - Reworked Alchemist: Replaced Acid Spray with Chemical Rage. Decreased attack rate by 0.3.

  - Decreased Horror (Undead combo) armor reduction from -5/-7 to -4/-6.

  - Decreased Hunter's Pack (Hunter combo) bonus attack damage from +30%/+30% to +25%/+25%.

  - Increased Power of the Wild (Beast combo) bonus attack damage from +10%/+15%/+20% to +15%/+20%/+25%.

  - Balanced Scale Armor (Naga combo) bonus magic resistance from +20%/+40% to +30%/+30%.

  - Decreased Battle Hardened (Orc combo) bonus HP from +250/+350 to +200/+300.

  - Decreased Razor's Plasma Plasma field AoE from 400/500/600 to 400/450/500.

  - Decreased Beast Master's base attack rate by 0.2.

  - Improved Lina's base attack rate by 0.3.

  - Decreased Lina's Laguna Blade cool down from 13/10/7 sec to 10/8/6 sec.

  - Increased Witch Doctor's Paralyzing Cask number of bounces by 1.

  - Increased Tinker's Heat Seeking Missle damage by 50 per missle, balanced cool down from 7/6/5 sec to 8/6/4 sec.

  - Decreased Disruptor's Static Storm maximum damage from 100/200/300 to 100/150/200.

  - Reworked appearance for Phantom Assassin★★★. Now she SEEMS to have more criticals.

  - Reworked cosmetic appearance for Lycan★★★.

  - Reworked cosmetic appearance for Enigma★★★.

  - Added two Immortal items for Axe★★★. The son is always guaranteed extra sweets.

  - Early Termination: During the first 2 turns after a game starts, you can use a button at lower right hand side to propose an early end of the game. The game will automatically end if more than half of the players have either suggested, failed, or disconnected.

  - Added total gold involved in the game display in Game Over panel, and a report button. (Only for reporting hacks, cheating or misuse of proper language. Please do not abuse the function for losing a game or having a bad luck.)

  - You can no longer give items to chess pieces during the cheering stage after winning a turn, to prevent bugs from causing the game to be crashed or your items being mysteriously vanished.

  -Other languages coming soon